Our Approach To Sustainability

At Earths Energy, we are focused on actively contributing to the global movement of mitigating climate change and transitioning to net zero carbon emissions, through the development of the geothermal energy projects. Geothermal energy is widely used throughout the world and is one of only few renewable energy solutions capable of operating continuously irrespective of the weather conditions. 

Transitioning to net-zero carbon emissions is one of the greatest challenges our world will face. It calls for a complete transformation of how the world operates. “The energy sector is the source of around three-quarters of carbon emissions today and is the key to avoiding the worst effects of climate change”1. Replacing high carbon emitting energy sources such as coal, gas and oil-fired power with renewable energy sources, including geothermal energy, will significantly reduce carbon emissions.

In 2022, the Australian Federal Government released new legislation, the Climate Change Act 2022, to accelerate the country’s decarbonation strategy in line with the Paris Agreement. The legislation set the following greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction targets:

  • reducing Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions to 43% below 2005 levels by 2030
  • reducing Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

To the achieve the above GHG reduction targets, the Australian government has set an additional Transition to Net zero goal of increasing renewable energy in our National Electricity Market to 82 per cent by 2030.

Earths Energy believes that geothermal energy will have a significant role to play in achieving Australia’s decarbonisation strategy.

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