Clean Renewable Geothermal energy in Australia.


Indicative estimated Electric Resource Potential of up to 1,100 MW-e on granted license (EPG 2026)

Potential to access 400 substations servicing >75% of Queensland’s population



In Queensland, Earths Energy has one granted geothermal exploration permit and three blocks under application. EPG2026, located near Brisbane metro, provides access to substations and regional power networks supplying >75% of Queensland’s population (subject to regulatory approvals). The tenements under application are located near the Gold Coast (EPG 2036) and major industrial activity in the Bowen and Surat Basin mining and coal seam gas areas (EPG 2031 and EPG 2034), with similar grid access advantages to EPG 2026.

Significant geothermal resource potential

‘Sweet spots’ for potential energy generation have been identified on EPG 2026 and EPG 2031. Indicative aggregate estimates of Electric Resource Potential1 on EPG 2026 range from 200 Mw-e to 1,100 Mw-e.2

1 – The estimates of Electric Power-Resource Potential are strictly indicative, as calculated by the Independent Technical Expert, and should not be construed to be compliant with UNFC. The estimates serve to illustrate product potential pending successful proof of concept, successful geological de-risking via appraisal and overcoming commercial hurdles.
2 – Assuming a plant load-factor of 0.9 and a range (P90 to P10) of 1.1 – 3.7 MWe/km2 (Megawatt electrical per square kilometer).

Figure: Map of granted and tenements under application

Figure: EPG2026 and 2031 map showing Basement Depth / Geology with Jurassic Thickness overlay

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