South Australia

Clean Renewable Geothermal energy in Australia.


Indicative estimated Electric Resource Potential of up to 54,100 MW-e on granted licenses

Granted licenses cover ~12,035 km2 with multiple ‘sweet spots’ identified for high-graded exploration



Earth Energy’s geothermal assets in South Australia are at the nexus of the state’s push towards renewable energy, with substantial exploration blocks spanning 12,035 km² in prime locations. Earths Energy is targeting anomalously high temperature rocks within the South Australia Heat Flow Anomaly at relatively shallow drill depths and close to customers and South Australia’s power distribution infrastructure.

Our blocks are strategically situated along major transmission lines and adjacent to large-scale mining operations, such as Olympic Dam, Carrapateena and Four Mile / Beverly, all major consumers of energy in South Australia. This combination of factors is a key differentiator from past approaches.

Indicative aggregate estimates of Electric Resource Potential1 for the granted South Australian acreage range from 9,700Mwe to 54,100Mwe2.

1 – The estimates of Electric Power-Resource Potential are strictly indicative, as calculated by the Independent Technical Expert, and should not be construed to be compliant with UNFC. The estimates serve to illustrate product potential pending successful proof of concept, successful geological de-risking via appraisal and overcoming commercial hurdles.
2 – Assuming a plant load-factor of 0.9 and a range (P90 to P10) of 1.9 – 7.9 MWe/km2 (Megawatt electrical per square kilometer) for GEL 696 and a plant load-factor of 0.9 and a range (P90 to P10) of 1.1 – 6.9MWe/km2 for GELs 692/693/694/695/768.


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